miercuri, 12 martie 2008

Don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease....

Tainted Love este una dintre melodiile mele preferate *my ALL time fav* si m-am bucurat nespus sa o aud saptamana trecuta la Amercan Idol, cantata de catre unul dintre concurentii mei favoriti (imi pare rau ca a iesit din concurs tocmai cu melodia asta).

Melodia este foaaarte veche (inregistrata in anul 1964 de catre Gloria Jones). De atunci, au fost facute multe coveruri dupa ea, insa cele care au atras mai mult atentia sunt ale trupelor Soft Cell (1981) si Marilyn Manson (2001).

Daca vreti totusi sa aflati cate versiuni oficiale are aceasta melodie ( sunt peste 30... O_o ), aveti aici lista completa:

1964: Gloria Jones
1975: Ruth Swann (aka Diana Foster)
1976: Gloria Jones with Marc Bolan
1980: Blue Oyster Cult
1981-82: Soft Cell
1985: Coil
1986: Boppin' Kids on the album Go Wild!
1990s: Tainted Cash
1991: Marc Almond (with Soft Cell)
1992: Flying Pickets
1992: Inspiral Carpets
1994: Spaceheads, on the album Spaceheads
1995: Shades Apart, on the album Save It
1997: Deathline International, on the compilation Industrial War, industrial (often mistakenly attributed to Skinny Puppy)
1997: Atrocity on their cover album titled Werk 80 and on their "Tainted love" single (two different versions) and on their greatest hits double album None plus ultra (1999)
1997: Hi-Fives, on their album ...And A Whole Lotta You!
1998: Country Teasers, on their album Back to the Future, or Brideshead Revisited Revisited
1998: The Living End
1999: My Ruin, on the album Speak and Destroy
2000: La Unión, on the album Grandes Éxitos and called "Falso amor"
2001: Marilyn Manson, shock rock, on album Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack and Lest We Forget: The Best Of Marilyn Manson. Also as a bonus track on The Golden Age of Grotesque
2002: Prozac+, on the album Miodio
2003: The Hormonauts, on the album Mini-Skirt
2004: Thomas Schumacher, on the EP Tainted Schall
2005: The Pussycat Dolls, on album PCD
2006: Soft Cell version sampled for SOS, a song by Rihanna
2006: Milk Inc. cover
2006: John B. feat. Marcy Meow beta recordings
2007: Richard Grey recorded a dance cover entitled "Warped Bass"
2007: Killwhitneydead. recorded a death metal cover entitled "Funny Enough It Sounds Just Like Tainted Love"
2007: Grandmagneto acoustic reggae version 7" vinyl on Favourite recordings
2007: The Vending Tree
2008: Danny Noriega performed the song on American Idol, which was recorded and sold on itunes

sursa: wikipedia

Anyhow, am promis cuiva ca o sa postez clipul de la American Idol, so here it is:

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Cristiana spunea...

Hey it`s me again.Super Danny asta.Dragut,talentat,original...imi place ca a adaptat melodia stilului sau.Ma bucur ca ai postat pe site melodia cu el.

Bleed.Inside spunea...

Uuh ma bucur ca ti-a placut... Dap, chiar e super. Eu ma straduiesc sa ii adopt motto-ul: 'stay true to yourself and wear your skin proud'...kind of a hard thing to do :)